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MEMSYS 2016: EMS Chair received multiple Awards

Two Awards won by University of Kaiserslautern at MEMSYS 2016 Conference.

Kathleen Smiley, Prof. Dr. Bruce Jacob, Matthias Jung

Marco Natale, Irene Heinrich, Prof. Dr. Bruce Jacob, Kathleen Smiley, Matthias Jung

For the second year, The International Symposium on Memory System was held in Washington D.C. area. Over 50 speakers from research and industry presented their work to the memory systems community.

The authors Matthias Jung, Carl Rheinländer, Christian Weis and Norbert Wehn won the Chair’s Choice Best Paper Award with their paper “Reverse Engineering of DRAMs: Row Hammer with Crosshair”. In this paper they present a technique that reconstructs the physical location of memory cells in a Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) without opening the device package and microscoping the device. The method consists of an retention error analysis while a temperature gradient is applied to the DRAM device. This enables the extraction of the exact neighbourhood relation of each single DRAM cell, which can be used to accomplish Row Hammer attacks in a very targeted way. However, this information can also be used to enhance current DRAM retention error models.

Moreover, the presentation given by Matthias Jung, Irene Heinrich and Marco Natale, titled „ConGen: An Application Specific DRAM Memory Controller Generator“ won the award for the most creative presentation. This interdisciplinary work, co-authored by Deepak Mathew and Christian Weis has been accomplished in a joint cooperation between Microelectronics Systems Design Research Group of Prof. Norbert Wehn and Optimization Research Group of Prof. Sven Krumke.


Photos: Kazi Asifuzzaman