Division of Microelectronic Systems Design (EMS)

Taha Soliman, M.Sc.


Robert Bosch GmbH, CR/AEX2
Robert-Bosch-Campus 1
71272 Renningen


Phone: (+49) 711 811 11850
Email: taha.soliman(at)de.bosch.de

Research Areas

  • In-Memory Computing
  • Approximate Computing
  • Deep neural Networks Acceleration
  • Hardware Design & Prototyping


A Novel DRAM-Based Process-in-Memory Architecture and its Implementation for CNNs
C. Sudarshan, T. Soliman, C. De la Parra, C. Weis, L. Ecco, M. Jung, N. Wehn, A. Guntoro. Accepted for publication, 26th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), January, 2021, Virtual Conference.

Ultra Low Power Flexible Precision FeFET based Analog In-memory Computing
T. Soliman, F. Müller, T. Kirchner, T. Hoffmann, H. Ganem, E. Karimov, T. Ali, M. Lederer, C. Sudarshan, T. Kämpfe, A. Guntoro, N. Wehn. Accepted for publication, IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), December, 2020, virtual conference.

A Ferroelectric FET Based In-memory Architecture for Multi-Precision Neural Networks
T. Soliman, R. Olivo, M. Lederer, T. Kämpfe, T. Kirchner, A. Guntoro, N. Wehn. 2020 IEEE 33rd International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC), September, 2020, virtual conference.

Efficient FeFET Crossbar Accelerator for Binary Neural Networks
T. Soliman, R. Olivio, T. Kirchner, C. De la Parra, M. Lederer, T. Kämpfe, A. Guntoro, N. Wehn. 31st IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors, July, 2020, Manchester, UK.

Fast Validation of DRAM Protocols with Timed Petri Nets
M. Jung, K. Kraft, T. Soliman, C. Sudarshan, C. Weis, N. Wehn. ACM International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS 2019), October, 2019, Washington, DC, USA.
Best Paper Award

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