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EMS Projects Highly Awarded at Xilinx OpenHardware 2015 Design Contest!

Two projects of our group have been highly awarded at the last OpenHardware 2015 Design Contest from the Xilinx University Program.

This competition is aimed at university students in order to showcase their technical and creative skills using Xilinx tools in three categories: Embedded Systems, High Level Synthesis, and FPGA design. Entries have been evaluated on five points: Innovation, Design Complexity, Implementation, Documentation, and Reusability.

Among the 12 finalists (and out of over 100 registered projects), our group has received two high-level scores in two of the tracks:

Winner (1st place award: 1000 EUR): Christian Brugger achieved the first place in the High Level Synthesis track with his work: “Bringing Flexibility to FPGAs with HyPER: Exotic Derivative Pricing on Zynq”

Mention: Javier Varela has received a mention among the best entries in the Embedded Systems track with the project: “Accelerating calculations for option pricing”.

These acknowledgements received from Xilinx highlight the high value of our designs and serves as a positive reinforcement to the state-of-the-art research currently been carried out at our department.

The awarded projects, as well as the other finalists, are available at http://www.openhardware2015.org/2015-finalists.html