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Horizon 2020: EPIC Kick-off Meeting in Kaiserslautern

In this week, the chair for microelectronic systems design hosted the kick-off meeting for the EPIC project (Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding), bringing together leading scientists from the field of communications engineering in Kaiserslautern.

Rocketing to new horizons: the members of the EPIC consortium

EPIC is a European research project funded within the Horizon 2020 program of the EU. It aims at the design and the implementation of next generation Forward Error Correction (FEC) for wireless Tb/s technology and Beyond-5G (B5G) systems.

The EPIC consortium consists of 8 partners from 7 different countries. The coordinator of this project is Martina Truskaller of Technikon, the technical leader (chairman of the Executive Board) is Norbert Wehn of TU Kaiserslautern.

The project is supported with 3 million euros and has a term of 3 years.