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Partial Iterative Decoding of Turbo-Codes through Window Skipping


Type of work:

Bachelor Thesis / Studienarbeit


For this work, the performance of Partial Iterative decoding of Turbo-Codes shall be evaluated through simulation with a C/C++ decoder model.


  • Interest in programming / communication systems / cryptography
  • Experience with programming in C/C++
  • Nachrichtentechnik für Nichtvertiefer or similar
  • (Experience with Python or similar)


Today's communication systems rely on Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes to guarantee reliable transmission at data rates in the order of Gb/s. The use of channel codes, like Turbo Codes or LDPC codes, allows to recover information that was corrupted by errors introduced by the channel during transmission.

It has been proposed for windowed decoding of Turbo-Codes, that the decoding can be skipped for windows, which mostly contain already converged extrinsic information. This work shall investigate different criteria and the influence of parameters like window size, number of skipped windows etc. on the error correcting performance.


Stefan Weithoffer, Oliver Griebel


Anjie Qiu



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