Fachgebiet Entwurf Mikroelektronischer Systeme (EMS)

Laufende Arbeiten

RRAMSpec: High-level Modeling of high-density Resistive RAM Cross-Point Arrays

Type of Work:

Master Thesis


The work consists of the development of high-level model of high-density Resistive RAM cross-point arrays for architectural evaluation and exploration. This thesis work will provide insides and investigations on the different RRAM technologies, their limits and the impact on area, performance and power.


Computing relies on DRAMs as main memories. However, volatile memories, such as DRAMs, require to be continiously refreshed. Thus, for the future new emerging memories need to be explored. One type of this memories is Resistive RAM, which is envisioned to scale better than current Flash-based memories. However, the NVMs have severe drawbacks, among them the fail over time depending on number of re-writes (write endurance).


- C/C++
- Some Memory Design/Layout knowledge
- Python

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