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Acceleration of a High Secure Hashing Algorithm using Near Memory Computing on a Custom RISC-V Platform


●●●● Hardwaredesign
●●●●○ Programming
●●●○○ Theory

Type of work:

Bachelor Thesis


Hashing Algorithms are widely used in Cryptography, e.g. in Digital Signatures, in TLS, or as building blocks in further cryptographic primitives. While the established standard, SHA-2, is still considered secure enough for most applications today, the already released SHA-3 may substitute it in future applications and is also the basis of pseudo-random number generators in many post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

While these algorithms are computationally intensive, low latency and low energy consumption are often the key requirements for secure communication on embedded devices.

This work examines the potential of near memory computing. Moving memory manipulation commands to the memory may lower both the overall execution time and the energy consumption.


  • System Verilog
  • Assembler / C Programming Language
  • Digital Hardware Design


J. Feldmann, M. Schöffel


Maria Feting



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